Long-Term Availability

Long-Term Availability

The Importance of Long Product Lifecycle Design

“Long term” has many different meanings. To some, it’s a few years. To others it has to do with convenience: “If all of the components are easily obtainable, we’ll continue to manufacture the product a little longer.” VersaLogic’s outlook is a little different. VersaLogic is focused on providing long-term availability (10+ years) from the first day of the product design.

See specific product lifespan info on all VersaLogic embedded computer products in the latest VersaLogic Product Lifecycle chart.
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Why is Long Term Availability Needed?

Unlike products such as desktop computers and smart phones which have shorter lifecycles, embedded computers are typically employed in products that have significantly longer product lifecycles. This is especially true in industries with long development or certification cycles, such as aerospace, defense, and medical.

Having access to embedded computers with long lifecycle enables suppliers in these industries to serve their end-users without interruption, and to avoid lengthy re-design and re-certification costs.

VersaLogic’s long lifecycle products also smooth the logistics path for spares, which eases the ability to maintain products in the field for very long timespans.

What is Long Term?

“Long term” has many meanings. For VersaLogic, long term means having a product available for 10+ years. With formal Lifecycle Extension programs that “+” goes a long way. For example, guaranteeing a 25-year delivery schedule to coincide with Navy docking schedules. There are also situations where VersaLogic has resurrected long-dead products, such as continuing shipments for a project that went into production 30 years ago. The VersaLogic version of “long term” usually spans decades.


Lifecycle Leadership, It’s in the Genes!

The foundation of long-term availability is in VersaLogic’s DNA; part of its core values. Product lifecycle is considered at every step of the process, from designing products with components that will be available longer, to close ties and feedback from component providers, to providing formal Life Extension programs to keep very old assemblies in production.

  • Starts with design and selecting the RIGHT parts for a long-life design, in particular looking to use multi-source long-life components.
  • Proactive supply chain management and close vendor relationships supporting early notification of component availability changes.
  • Deep in-house stock of hard-to-get parts. Warehousing in inert gas environments when appropriate.
  • Formal lifecycle extension programs.
  • Providing at least 18 months’ notice for ending off-the-shelf availability. Plenty of time to set up a life extension program if needed.
  • Migration support for very old products.


The Next Step

Questions about VersaLogic’s product lifecycles? Contact VersaLogic Sales today at 503-747-2261 or info@VersaLogic.com. Matching your project lifecycle needs to the correct embedded product is something that everyone at VersaLogic takes seriously.

Download the latest Product Lifecycle chart to see information on all VersaLogic embedded computer products today!
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